Monday, 16 May 2011

Acting like cave men

La Kiva, Terlingua, Texas (La KIva)
La Kiva, Terlingua, Texas

This Texas cave bar was the brainchild of a former school teacher, Gilbert Felts, who built La Kiva in the late 80s, although it's now run by his nephew, Glenn. To kick off the cave (man) theme, the men's urinal consists of a metal pot, which was once a flower planter before Gilbert stole it from his mother. If that's not enough, the bar's mascot is a fossilised Penisaurus Erectus, set into the wall.
Unfamiliar with said animal? That's because it never actually existed - the creature is a figment of Felts's imagination, the fossilised "remains" being in fact made of miscellaneous animal bones.

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